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Having just looked over the new _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ (not the
Currie and Padian book), I was surprised to see the North American
_Ultrasaurus_ depicted within.  I had thought that the bones had been
reassigned to _Supersaurus_ and a brachiosaurid (perhaps _Brachiosaurus_
or _Sauroposeidon_?), and that the name _Ultrasaurus_ was preoccupied by
an Asian sauropod anyway.  Is the book up to date on this?

We have an "_Ultrasaurus_ leg" model on display at the California
Academy of Sciences, and I have been telling visitors that there were
problems with this label -- including the fact that no such leg bones
have been found.  I believe that this leg (presumably a sculpture) was
also featured in Louiis Psihoyos' book, _Hunting Dinosaurs_.

Please provide references, as our museum is being torn down and rebuilt
from the ground up starting late next year, and I am hoping that the
museum development team might even consider putting a new sign on the
"_Ultrasaurus_ leg" while they're at it.  :^)

-------Ralph W. Miller III