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Anurognathus sclerotic ring size

Michael Skrepnik wrote:

I just wanted to
make the point regarding the proposed anurognathid below, that I think
mentioned in his discussion that he thought the animal was juvenile, to
account in part, for the enlarged sclerotic ring / orbit.

Good point, Mike. I should mention, I suppose, that I found two
previously unreported sclerotic rings and a complete orbit in my study
of the holotype of Anurognathus, all of which are small and primitive
compared to other anurognathids.  The antorbital fenestra is larger than
the orbit, as in Dimorphodon, and slightly higher. Even considering the
size differential of the proposed juvenile (45% of the holotype) the
sclerotic rings, IMHO, would actually have to shrink to fit the holotype

David Peters