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Ah, the good old days

At this SVP there were over 50 dinosaur talks (and many more posters) 
amounting to over a dozen hours and although generally interesting by the end 
of the last one it was like being let out of school. 

This was not an issue at my first SVP in 78 (Toronto) when many scoffed at 
dinosaurs as birds and the 1st dinodocumentary on TV (NOVA) had appeared the 
year before. All the dinotalks are below. 

R Bakker Speed in dinosaurs and other extinct land vertebrates

J Horner Cranial kinesis in some hadrosaurian dinosaurs

P Galton Skeleton of the ornithopod dinosaur Camptosaurus

P Dodson Comparative osteolog of the ornithopod dinosaurs Camptosaurus and 

P Johnston Growth rings in dinosaur teeth

H Tyson Structure and function of the frill of ceratopsian dinosaurs

There were a handful of talks on birds and pterosaurs set amidst three days 
(Fri-Sun) of talks (nonconcurrent) on fish and mammals, plus 3 dinoposters 
among a couple dozen. 

G Paul