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Dinosaur National Monument needs your help

This has been passed on to me...

The Thursday before SVP, the Superintendent of Dinosaur (Chas Cartwight),
who has been here for a grand total of eight months, announced to all park
staff that he will be abolishing the two paleontology positions at Dinosaur
National Monument because paleontology is not a significant resource issue
for him.  This will mean the end of a 50 year old paleo program which has
produced the spectacular wall of fossils within the visitor center as well
as abundant Mesozoic fossils from elsewhere in the Monument.  The Monument
will go from having a active excavation and research program on Mesozoic
vertebrates to a caretaker policy, a step back to the 1930's.  Thus the
premiere fossil park of the NPS will have no program for protecting and
understanding the resource for which the Monument was established in 1915.
In addition, there will be no paleo program in the soon to be built museum
and exhibit facility and collections building.  Does this sound right to

If you value the Dinosaurs at Dinosaur NM and you want to see the Monument
continue to protect and explore one of the greatest windows we have onto the
world of the dinosaurs, then this is your opportunity to speak up and stop
this madness.

Write to the following people (as well as you own senators and
representatives) and ask that the paleontology program not be phased out and
eliminated at Dinosaur and that the Monument reinstate its research grade
scientist position and continue to fully and support the paleo program,
especially with the new facility being built in the next few years.  This
insanity can be reversed, but you need to be heard.  Anyone, from
scientists, amateurs, dinosaur lovers, and just folks who like visiting the
NPS can, and should, express their concern.  Don't email messages, they do
not carry anywhere near as much weight with an agency as a personally
written letter, even if it is a short one.  And the sooner the better.

This would be a tragedy to say the least.

Ms. Fran Mainella
Director, National Park Service
1849  C Street, NW
Washington, DC 20240

US Senator Robert Bennett
431 Dirksen Building
Washington DC  20510-4403

So, lets get writing...

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074