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re: the enigmatic pangolin reptile

>Best guess IMHO as to what it is puts it close to a basal
Boreopricea ~ but on steroids! I'm fascinated to learn more about this

Backing up a little:

A little research and a session with my files is starting to lead me
more toward the erythrosuchids as a closer sister taxa for the

Generally and informally:

1. Robust skull in lateral view with relatively reduced skull openings.
2. Except for the lateral temporal fenestra which is very large and
box-like, comprising about a third of the skull
2. Overall, very narrow in dorsal view
3. Reduced nares high on the snout
4. Anteriorly leaning quadrate.

This is a job for CLADISTICS!

Boreopricea, has the anteriorly leaning quadrate, but not much else
matches on closer examination. I'm sure Alex Downs can take it from

David Peters