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RE: In the news: Southwest Alaskans say bird is the size of a small plane

Here's CNN's version of the story (from Reuters):


I looked at the original article (as mentioned below).  Interesting to
note that someone (totally unidentified) claimed to have seen "a  flying
animal called a Pteradon, which is of the Pteradactyl family", back in
1944 (near the equator); and he then went on to say that these animals
are thought to be extinct over 150,000 years ago.  

Gee, I didn't know that Pterodactyls coexisted with early man and
mammoths. :-)

Anyway, any guesses as to what they really saw (NOT the guy from 1944!):
A giant (world record sized) Steller's Eagle? A no longer extinct
_Teratornis_?  Or....?

Allan Edels 

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Perhaps Anchorage should be an upcoming SVP Meeting site ;)

"A giant winged creature, like something out of Jurassic Park, has
reportedly been sighted several times in Southwest Alaska in recent

A Dillingham pilot says he spotted the creature while flying
passengers to Manokotak last week. He calculated that its wingspan
matched the length of a wing on his Cessna 207. That's about 14

Scientists aren't sure what to make of the reports. No one doubts
that people in the region west of Dillingham have seen a very large
raptorlike bird. But biologists and other people familiar with big
Alaska birds say they're skeptical it's that big....

'I'm certainly not aware of anything with a 14-foot wingspan that's
been alive for the last 100,000 years,' said federal raptor
specialist Phil Schemf in Juneau."


(original article -

(follow-up article -

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