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Re: Ah, the good old days

> At the time of the meeting I had just finished pasting up with my own two
> hands the first issue of Mesozoic Meanderings, which was to become my
> self-published version of my computer dinosaur list, and I was carrying
> galleys around to show to anyone who was interested.

*** And after that came Archosaurian Articulations, a publication that some
of us with paid subscriptions are still awaiting the NEXT ACTION PACKED
ISSUE OF. . . ;o) !!

Mike S.

I had been employed by
> the University of Toronto Computer Centre for more than a decade then, and
> like every Centre employee I had my own account to do with as I pleased
> I started working there, the computer was an IBM 7094, but by the time I
> it had been traded in for one of the System 360s). I used my account for,
> among other things (such as making computer art and drawing
> objects), keeping track of dinosaur names, my comic book collection, and
> orbiting objects from artificial satellite launches. It was the
> thing that got me into the SVP. I think there were fewer than 500 named
> dinosaur genera in 1978, and now there are 958.