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Re: Abrosaurus dongpoi

In a message dated 10/19/02 1:19:01 AM EST, bh480@scn.org writes:

<< Type Species: Abrosaurus dongpoensis [doong-paw-EN-sis] 
 Ouyang 1989: "for Dongpo": named for Su Dongpo, pen name 
 of Su Shi (1036-1101 AD), famous Song Dynasty writer and 
 poet born in Sichuan Province where the fossils were 
 found.  >>

Thanks, Ben. I didn't check the Omnipedia because as far as I knew, species 
names weren't covered. Dongpoi is better, and I believe even in 1999 the ICZN 
would likely have upheld the name change. Under the 2000 Code, however, we 
might well have been stuck with dongpoensis.