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Re: Ah, the good old days

A BRIEF COMMENT: I should point out a remarkable
event: the return of Helen Tyson to the study of
ceratopsian systematics.
--- GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> At this SVP there were over 50 dinosaur talks (and
> many more posters) 
> amounting to over a dozen hours and although
> generally interesting by the end 
> of the last one it was like being let out of school.
> This was not an issue at my first SVP in 78
> (Toronto) when many scoffed at 
> dinosaurs as birds and the 1st dinodocumentary on TV
> (NOVA) had appeared the 
> year before. All the dinotalks are below. 
> R Bakker Speed in dinosaurs and other extinct land
> vertebrates
> J Horner Cranial kinesis in some hadrosaurian
> dinosaurs
> P Galton Skeleton of the ornithopod dinosaur
> Camptosaurus
> P Dodson Comparative osteolog of the ornithopod
> dinosaurs Camptosaurus and 
> Tenontosaurus
> P Johnston Growth rings in dinosaur teeth
> H Tyson Structure and function of the frill of
> ceratopsian dinosaurs
> There were a handful of talks on birds and
> pterosaurs set amidst three days 
> (Fri-Sun) of talks (nonconcurrent) on fish and
> mammals, plus 3 dinoposters 
> among a couple dozen. 
> G Paul

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