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Bill Stout & other fractalized wonders

For those living in or near Horrorwood, Karloffornia:
this Sunday afternoon, at the Page Museum (La Brea Tar
Pits), Bill Stout and Charles R. Knight's
granddaughter, Rhoda Knight Kalt, will be
participating at a Charles R. Knight
panel/lecture.Regardless of his inaccurate dinosaurs
(and they were), CRK's legacy of being able to convey
-- how else can one iterate it? -- nearly
photorealistic alive-ness is still with us. We step
"into" his art because he was an artist vs. the
posturing accountants who gutted a recent
film-that-remains-nameless, which started out as a
genuine invocation of the sense-of-wonder (Sam
Moskowitz's "immortal storm") and disintegrated into
a...well, it's not worth the verbalization. I kept
expecting the dinosaurs to line up and sing, passing
the hat for money to purchase ice-cream bon bons at
the refreshment counter.
At any rate, Bill and Rhoda Knight Kalt are keeping
CRK's memory alive.

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