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Re: A couple of questions

> 1) What's the difference between Citipati osmolskae & Oviraptor > philoceratops? Seriously, to me they both look identical.

That's because all the pictures you've seen of "_Oviraptor philoceratops_" are
really specimens of _Citipati osmolskae_. I'm not sure whether any real _O.
philoceratops_ are known besides the type specimen. A restoration of the
holotype of _O._ by HP Marco Auditore can be seen here:


WHOAH... So does that mean that all the other specimens of "Oviraptor philoceratops" (including the brooding specimen, the Romeo & Juliet specimens featured on National Geographic etc etc) are all really Citipati??? So that means that a lot of paleo artists & sculptors have been restoring Citipati instead of Oviraptor!!! Then in that case how would the 'real' O. philoceratops have looked like???

> And while we're at > that, in what way does Khaan differ from Ingenia?

Off the top of my head, _K._ lacks _I._'s odd finger proportions (I longest,
then II, then III).

So Khaan has the 'normal' finger proportions of the other maniraptors??

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