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Re: Details on SVP 2002 Part 1

Tim Williams wrote-

> Did they offer a verdict on _Antarctosaurus septentrionalis_?  (Referred
> its own genus _Jainosaurus_ in 1995, on rather dubious grounds).

Upchurch commented a bit on it when I spoke to him privately, but I forgot
exactly what he said.  I think it's being worked on as well though....

> Who
> belongs in this "Aves+Maniraptora" group and who doesn't?  Deinonychosaurs
> are in, oviraptorosaurs and the rest are out?  Is that the deal?

According to Martin, probably all maniraptorans, but more studies will need
to be done to determine exactly which ones.  He seemed certain
ornithomimosaurs and Compsognathus were dinosaurs though.

Mickey Mortimer