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Camptosaurus 1 and 2?

I'm doing a Camptosaurus skeletal reconstruction, but as i gathered 
information I noticed there was C. dispar, with the typical straight, 
slender skull, and there was another couple of restorations that showed a 
more "shapy" skull.. The skeleton was about the same, except from minor 
differences in the shoulder blade and ilium, but allmost unnoticable.
It's mostly this skull difference that bothers me, because i first 
thought that it may simply be a matter of details while reconstructing, 
but such a distinctive skull as the C. dispar has, shouldnt really be 
something that could turn up reconstructed with softer shapes.
It was reconstructed with a little bit larger orbits, and somewhat softer 
frontal/nasal region, and not as 'linear' as in C. dispar.

Is this just a matter of good and bad restorations, or am I looking at 
two different animals, erroneously classified under the same name?

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------