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Re: Peering at review

In a message dated 10/21/02 1:29:33 AM EST, dino.hunter@cox.net writes:

<< And, while were on this type of thing, the talk that put Alverazsaurids 
 Naosaurids isn't knew. George had already done it in his Dino Press article,
 but will he get cited for it? Hell now. >>

In Dino Press #6 I synonymized Velocisauridae with Noasauridae on the basis 
of similar foot anatomy, so that Noasauridae includes Noasaurus, 
Masiakasaurus, Velocisaurus, and Ligabueino. I noticed the similarities when 
I was researching the article. Now I read that the Indian Laevisuchus should 
be in the family as well: not a problem, but dunno too much about Laevisuchus 
these days. It's based on three cervicals that might look a little like 
Masiakasaurus vertebrae.