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Apparently, HP G.S. Paul (1988) very, very tentatively suggests that Genyodectes serus is synonymous with Abelisaurus comahuensis (pp. 283). G. was named in 1901 whereas A. was named in 1985. If this is the case, then won't G. have priority? Paul states that the material can no longer serve as a valid type because the type locality cannot be determined. Does that really matter if G. is indeed synonymous with A.? HP M. Mortimer stated that Rauhut is evidentally working on this taxon in his last (and evidentally, really last) Details on SVP 2002 post. Could someone clear up what would be done with Abelisaurinae, Abelisauridae, Abelisauroidea, Abelisauria, etc. if Paul is indeed correct? And does anyone know the reference for Genyodectes? All I have is Woodward 1901.

Nick Gardner
aim CloudRaptor05

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