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Pukyongosaurus millenniumi Dong, Paik & Kim, 2001

New dinosaur genus and species
Pukyongosaurus millenniumi Dong, Paik & Kim, 2001

Dong Zhiming, Paik In Sung & Kim Hyun Joo (2001): A preliminary report
on a sauropod from the Hasandong Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Korea. -
Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of
Vertebrate Paleontology (eds.: Deng Tao & Wang Yuan): 41-53, 6 figs., 3
pls.; Beijing (China Ocean Press, ISBN 7-5027-5307-2).

Pukyongosaurus millenniumi gen. et sp. nov.
Euhelopodidae, Sauropoda.
Material: 7 cervicals, 1 dorsal, 1 partial clavicle (?), 1 chevron,
isolated bones (Pukyong National University, PKNU-G.102-109).
Locality and horizon: Galsari, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Gyeongsang
Basin; Gyeongsang Supergroup, Hasandong Formation, Early Cretaceous.

Other papers in the same volume:
Wei Mingrui, Hu Shusheng, Zhang Yan (2001): The diet of prosauropods and
sauropods from Lufeng, Yunnan Province, China. - pp. 21-27. [based on
Dong Zhiming (2001): A forefoot of sauropod from the Tuchengzi Formation
of Chaoyang area in Liaoning, China. - pp. 29-33, [2] figs.
[Brachiosauridae gen. et sp. indet.]
Zhang, Yuguang & Li Jianjun (2001): A study on new materials of
Mamenchisaurus jingyanensis. - pp. 35-39, 2 figs. [humerus,
scapulocoracoid, ilium, and 7th caudal are figured]
Qiu Licheng & Huang Dong (2001): Dinosaur fossils from the Heyuan Basin
in Guangdong Province, China. - pp. 59-63, 1 fig. [2038 mostly round
eggs in 182 nests including 6 nests with long eggs of Ingenia
(Oviraptorosauria) and bone fossils of Ingenia; no figures]
Li Weirong & Jin Jidong (2001): On the Upper Cretaceous Jiayin Group of
Heilongjiang Province, China. - 65-74. [stratigraphic division including
faunal list]
Pang, Qiqing & Cheng Zhengwu (2001): The Late Cretaceous dinosaur fauna
and strata from Tianzhen, Shanxi and Yangyuan, Hebei, China. - pp.
75-82, 4 figs. [additional info / new remains of Huabeisaurus allocotus
(Huabeisauridae, Sauropoda), Tianzhenosaurus youngi (Ankylosauria), cf.
Shantungosaurus sp., and cf. Szechuanosaurus campi]
also papers on a multituiberculate from Japan, and on Cenozoic mammals,
the thalattosaur Xinpusaurus and the Mesozoic lissamphibians of China.

Markus Moser
Bayerische Staatssammlung fuer Palaeontologie und Geologie
Department fuer Geo- und Umweltwissenschaften - Palaeontologie
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet Muenchen
Palaeontologisches Museum
Richard-Wagner-Str. 10
D-80333 Muenchen