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RE: lions and tigers (no bears) oh my

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>From: James Farlow [mailto:farlow@ipfw.edu]
>Sent: Monday, October 21, 2002 9:57 PM
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>Subject: lions and tigers (no bears) oh my
>Is anybody on this list aware of any published sources that 
>deal with the distribution of Asiatic lions and tigers in the 
>area of presumed overlap between them in India?  Any 

Hi James,

As far as i know their habitats do not overlap in India. It is often 
stated that lion and tiger habitats overlap at the Gir National 
Park, but Asiatic lions holds the sanctuary as an exclusive range
and they are very far away from the northeast tiger territory.

>information about whether one species preferred one habitat 
>over another in the zone of overlap?

While African lions live in open plains and grasslands, Asiatic lions 
live in the Gir forest, which is the only known remaining habitat of 
the last surviving Asiatic lions. However, the Gir forest is drier and 
more arid and so it is a little bit different from the habitat preferred by
the Indian tigers. Besides, the forest is rugged with low hills and the 
vegetation is mixed deciduous interspersed with large patches of grasslands.

>For the dinosaur list members, this does have a connection 
>with dinosaurs, but I can't say what at this time.  So there.

T. rex (living in forest areas) vs. T. bataar (living in more arid areas)?