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MSM Bul. #8

I am very very pleased to say that today, my copy of Mesa Southwest Museum
Bulletin 8 has arrived, with papers resulting from the WAVP/SPS joint
meeting held in February of 2001. Lots and lots of Mesozoic papers and
abstracts contained within, so I won't take up lots of space with listing
every single one in detail. But, of potential interest to many include
Nesbitt's report on Moenkopi vertebrates, Lucas and Heckert's biostrat of
the lower Chinle, my paper on new specimens of Dilophosaurus, new (unnamed)
protosuchid crocodylomorphs by Rinehart et al., a revision of Supersaurus by
Curtice and Stadtman, the pectoral girdle of Apatosaurus by Platt,
paleoecological implications of sauropods in the Morrison by Foster, McCord
et al.'s report on the Fort Crittenden research, plesiosaur records from
southern Utah by Albright et al., and "Aublysodon" teeth from Mexico by Ford
and Chure.
I've left out the articles that only consisted of abstracts, but as you can
see, there is a good deal of Mesozoic and dinosaur related papers to dig
through! The complete citation for the volume (I think) is:
Mesa Southwest Museum Bulletin No. 8. 2002. pp. 143. McCord, R. D. and Boaz,
D., eds.
P.S. Please forgive my horrid illustrations in the volume...I am
illustrating those specimens much better as we speak.

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