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Re: Flat Rocks Site Report 2002

> First off, the cover of the site report has Peter Trusler's preliminary
> painting of the labyrinthodont *Koolasuchus cleelandi*. For those of you
not familiar with
> Trusler's work, see:
> http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/pa/photoline/dinos.html . I consider him to
> be Australia's second best dinosaur artist (I'm afraid I prefer Tony
> Windberg's style - but hey, that's just me).

Dear Dann and List,

    If Australia want's to claim Peter Trusler as her own, that's fine. I
personally think he's one of the World's best  paleoartists. His anatomical
study of the super monitor Megalana (Sp.?) is absolutely amazing.
    By the way, who is Tony Windberg? Is there a site that has his work?


Cliff Green