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While using Google to search for papers on theropods that were available on the 'net, I came across... this... :o


This is a blatant absolute copy of at least two of the pages at HP Poling's Dinosauria Online. :(

And... this...


This is a ridiculous essay that you may or may not find quite disturbing, in fact, an individual (former HP McFeeters) I discussed this with before posting here went as far to say, "I don't think a ten-year-old would get a very good mark if he handed this in."

Here's some great stuff about dinosaurs we didn't know previously...

"The second main kind of dinosaurs were the Ornithischian, which had bird like hip joints. There is only one group belonging to this group and that is the ornithopoda. The Ornithopoda were plant-eating dinosaurs that walked on two legs. There were also the armored and horned dinosaurs, which were also plant eaters."

"All of the dinosaurs are in one of two major groups. Plant eaters or meat eaters."

"Some dinosaurs can swim and some can fly. The ones that swim have large, flat arms, or flippers, that help them through the water. The ones that fly usually have two legs and huge wings that can have a 30 foot wingspan!"

"There are many theories about how the dinosaurs died. The most populaur [sic] one is that the weather became cooler, and the dinosaurs had no feathers or fur to protect them against the changing weather."

Former HP McFeeters suggested that perhaps this was written by a professional paleontologist in order to get his, or her, lazy students in trouble... ;)


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