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I wonder if this work was peer reviewed...?

> And... this...

> http://www.digitalessays.com/history/044.shtml

> This is a ridiculous essay that you may or may not find quite
> disturbing, in fact, an individual (former HP McFeeters) I discussed this 
> with before  posting here went as far to say, "I don't think a 
> ten-year-old would get a 
> very good mark if he handed this in."
> Here's some great stuff about dinosaurs we didn't know previously...
> "The second main kind of dinosaurs were the Ornithischian, which had
> bird like hip joints. There is only one group belonging to this group and
> that is  the ornithopoda. The Ornithopoda were plant-eating dinosaurs 
> that walked on  two legs. There were also the armored and horned 
> dinosaurs, which were also plant eaters."
>"All of the dinosaurs are in one of two major groups. Plant eaters or
> meat eaters."
> "Some dinosaurs can swim and some can fly. The ones that swim have
> large, flat arms, or flippers, that help them through the water. The ones 
> that fly usually have two legs and huge wings that can have a 30 foot 
> wingspan!"
> "There are many theories about how the dinosaurs died. The most populaur
> [sic] one is that the weather became cooler, and the dinosaurs had no 
> feathers or fur to protect them against the changing weather."