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Re: Pterodac. crest

Hey Cliff

    I assume you've got "The Illustrtrated Encyclopedia of Pterosaurs" by
Wellnhofer.  There are 3 or 4 photos of P kochi fossils.  None of these
shows so much as a hint of a crest.  Is there something now out there that
shows P kochi with a crest??  I'd like to see it too.  Is this possibly an
example of sexual dimorphism within the same species, or a new species??  -

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>> Hey, whatever happened to the supposed dermal crest found on the
>> ultraviolet preparation of a _Pterodactylus_?
>> Dan
>> It's still there. Ties in nicely with the similar crest found in
>> Pterorhynchus.
>> David Peters
> Dear Dave and list.
> I have been working on a life sized Pterodactylus Kochi all week. Just
> prior to reading this post, I put it in the mold, sans a crest. #%&*! Please
> fill in your favorite curse for translational purposes. I'm sure I already
> said it at least twice since this morning.
> So, Does anyone have a reference page for the pterodactylus crest?
> Thank heavens for Magic Sculpt Cliff