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The gleaming eyes of Dr. Carpenter

jollyroger@wave.co.nz wrote in his latest edition of DINOSAURNEWS at 

< **  Joan bones up on our dinosaurs
Early on we see set-up footage of Joan trekking through remote bush
identified in mangled vowels as the Mangahouanga Stream on the East Coast>

The article is a review of the TV program "The Lost Dinosaurs of New 
Zealand."  (So many dinosaurs seem to be lost these days--this could be Dan 
Varner's new nickel-buzz word.)  From the article:

       But that's about as animated as The Lost Dinosaurs gets. The
       action leads to various talking heads (wonder what the NZ On Air 
       budget was?) - Jurassic Park consultant Dr Jack Horner and 
       Walking With Dinosaurs consultant Dr Kenneth Carpenter, an 
       Australian couple who sold their house to fund fossil-hunting, a
       nd a Swedish scientist whose specialty is pollen - and the life 
       bleeds out of the programme's momentum. Scientists may do 
       some fascinating work but they're not always good television 
       subjects, although Dr Carpenter's eyes did gleam alarmingly 
       when he described the killing action of the allosaurs - teeth like 
       steak knives and claws that could rip the flesh right out - as the 
       creature bore down on a squealing, doe-eyed sauropod.