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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions)

Mike Taylor wrote:

> It's often bothered me that there seems to be
> an ecological imbalance in those late-Cretaceous days: how on earth
> did the hadrosaurs not _all_ get eaten by tyrannosaurs?  So far as we
> understand the morphology and its implications, the predators were
> faster, stronger and probably smarter than their prey: so what _could_
> a poor hadrosaur do once a tyrannosaur had decided to eat it?

Judging by skeletal structure alone, I'm guessing an adult hadrosaur
could outrun an adult tyrannosaur any day. "The King's" legs seem a bit
too gracile to carry them in a suspended phase for long, if at all. The
hind limbs of hadrosaurs were good and robust, just what you'd need for
running faster and possible longer than a big theropod.


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