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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions)

Tim Donovan wrote:
> >From: Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au>
> >Judging by skeletal structure alone, I'm guessing an adult hadrosaur
> >could outrun an adult tyrannosaur any day. "The King's" legs seem a bit
> >too gracile to carry them in a suspended phase for long, if at all.
>  Not according to Bakker and Paul, see PDW. Tyrannosaurs also had the
> advantage of more efficient avian-like respiration.

I'm all for tyrannosaurs moving quickly. But with a suspended phase?
Those long legs would seem capable of reasonably fast locomotion without
the need for a suspended phase. Of course YOUNG tyrannosaurs didn't have
quite as much inertia or momemtum to worry about. I like the idea of
sub-adults doing most of the active hunting, herding prey into an ambush
by the larger adults (as shown in "When Dinosaur Roamed N.America").

If hadrosaur hide WAS quite thick, then perhaps the sub-adults relied on
the adults' powerful jaws to open up the carcass (much like griffon
vultures have to wait for the more powerful vulture species to pierce
the hide of modern herbivores). Thus sub-adults contribute to the group
by doing the leg-work, while adults dismember the carcass and help
defend it from other carnivores (including rival rexes). Altruism at

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