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Re: a question for the tyrannosaur experts was: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive?

From: John Bois <jbois@umd5.umd.edu>
Reply-To: jbois@umd5.umd.edu
To: Cliff Green <dinonaut@emerytelcom.net>
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Subject: Re: a question for the tyrannosaur experts was: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 07:21:03 -0500 (EST)

On Sat, 26 Oct 2002, Cliff Green wrote:
>     HEY! all you list Theropod experts. Can any of you be of assistance?

This ain't me...but here's my perspective anyway: duckbills may have been
faster/more manueverable than _T. rex_.  But, during nesting season (2+
months or so in duration) these attributes would not have helped much.  We
see duckbill nesting colonies and this gives us a clue as to what might
have been going on.  Assuming _T. rex_ could access nesting grounds, what
was the function of the colony--why nest in a colony?  Three
(main?) reasons are possible: limited substrate (unlikely), info sharing
(unlikely since duckbills couldn't really forage over a wide area in a
short time), and defense.  If defense, then the predator must be one that
the duckbills could supress--to some extent at least.

Maybe hadrosaurs nested in colonies so that they could take turns guarding the nesting area while others temporarily left to forage. I doubt they banded together for protectin against tyrannosaurs, which could also have been gregarious and were certainly better armed. AFAIK, there is no evidence for tyrannosaur attacks on hadrosaur nesting areas. Troodont teeth have been found in association with hadrosaur nests. Presumably they preyed on juveniles but tyrannosaurs needed larger prey.

So, my guess is
that they had some sort of group defence--not too organized--in nesting
season.  In other times I would guess it was a
sometimes-you-win/sometimes-you-lose chase and catch the young, weak, or

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