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Re: Tarchia

From: "Ken Carpenter" <KCarpenter@dmns.org>
Reply-To: KCarpenter@dmns.org
To: <padron@stud.ntnu.no>, <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: Re: Tarchia, Silvisaurus, Panoplosaurus
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 08:52:55 -0700

Tarchia is based mostly on cranial material,

I'm sure at least one club is known, and various limb elements and pieces of armor. IIRC PIN 551-29 consists of postcranial elements and a nearly complete postcranial skeleton lies uncollected to this day at Khermeen Tsav, over 30 years after the skull (PIN 3142/250 ) was collected.


>>> <padron@stud.ntnu.no> 28/Oct/02 >>>
I'm trying to find skeletal information on these, and all i can find is
skull images.
Does anybody on the list have a as-full-as-possible skeletal diagram on
one or more of these species?
or know the exact list of what bones are actually known for Silvisaurus
and Panoplosaurus (i know Tarchia's supposed to be fairly complete)

I'd appreciate any info, especially detailed skeletal diagramms.
Thanks a lot id advance!

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------

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