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Fwd: RE: Saurolophus stratigraphy

To: "Tim Donovan
Subject: RE: Saurolophus stratigraphy

Saurolophus is known with confidence from Units 3&4. So far there is no evidence from historical records or our data for it occurring in Units 1 or 2.

The absence of Saurolophus in Campanian strata argues against the old suggestion that the Nemegt could be as old as late Campanian.

In terms of hadrosaurs, Unit 1 has so far produced only the hadrosaurine Edmontosaurus.

We are currently unsure how low the stratigraphic range of Hypacrosaurus goes. It is certainly known from units 3 and 4, but tentative indications are that it extends down into Unit 2.

The Albertosaurus bonebed (n=13; July 2002) occurs at the very top of Unit 4...previously we had placed it at the base of Unit 5 but further field checks revealed that this was an error. The mni count will probably continue to grow as Phil Currie continues to excavate the site. I have yet to confirm with Phil the current mni tally as of Sept. 2002.

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