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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions)

> >I'm all for tyrannosaurs moving quickly. But with a suspended phase?
> >Those long legs would seem capable of reasonably fast locomotion >without
> >the need for a suspended phase. Of course YOUNG tyrannosaurs >didn't have
> >quite as much inertia or momemtum to worry about. I like >the idea of
> >sub-adults doing most of the active hunting, herding prey >into an ambush
> >by the larger adults (as shown in "When Dinosaur Roamed >N.America").
> I sort of liked that idea myself, until HP Brett Booth (or was it his
> brought up an interesting argument a couple of months ago.  Unless chasing
> prey into the mounths of the larger adults was instinctive, how would the
> young'uns know how to do this if their parents weren't already fast enough
> to teach them?  Many hunting behaviours are learned, and in this case, the
> adult tyrannosaurs would likely have to show their kids the proper
> technique.  Am I making any sense?
> Jordan Mallon

I might counter this by saying that maybe the younger tyrannosaurs are just
doing what comes naturally (chasing after prey) and it was instead the older
adults that learned to take advantage of an ambush strategy in conjunction
with the chase. The youths would then be able to learn the ambush aspects of
the hunting strategy by observation and the adults would not need to teach
the youths how to chase after prey, since that part would come naturally to
them anyway....

-Chris Srnka