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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive?

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> Size IS defense. Look at African elephants. A pride of lions couldn't take

> down a baby elephant, because it was simply too big, and too thick 
> skinned. 

No, lions do hunt young and weakened adult elephants for food, not 
to mention a baby jumbo! Rhinos and hippos aren't safe too, although 
lions' attack on hippos is extremely rare. 

> Sharks don't hunt whales, eagles don't hunt bison, and its likely that 
> tyrannosaurus wouldn't want to tackle something much larger than them. 
The point is, the largest hadrosaurs are not really too much bigger 
than Tyrannosaurus. Even if T. rex was a solitary hunter, I dun 
think Lambeosaurus is safe from attack. And I dun think a pair of 
T. bataar had a difficult time in trying to take down a Shantungosaurus. 
I think your argument can be better applied on Argentinosaurus vs 
Giganotosaurus. Argentinosaurus was probably 15 times heavier than 
Giganotosaurus, so unless gigans hunted in pack consisting of 10 or 
more individuals and their attack was extremely well-organized (which 
seems unlikely due to their crocodilian brains), Argentinosaurus 
was probably next to invincible. 

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