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Re: Mongolian locations

Benton, M. 2000. Mongolian place names and stratigraphic terms.
Shuvalov, V.F. 2000. The Cretaceous stratigraphy and palaeobiogeography of 
Both appear in in The Age of Dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia, Cambridge U. 
Jerzykiewicz, T., and D. Russell. Late Cretaceous stratigraphy and vertebrates 
of the Gobi Basin. Cretaceous Research 12:345-377.

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>>> <gmbra@it.net.au> 29/Oct/02 >>>
After much perusing of atlases, gazeteers, Geonames, and various other 
sources of data, I've become convinced that when discussing Mongolian 
fossil sites, paleontologists must deliberately choose the name most 
unlikely to reach the west in any other way <G>. Even allowing for 
alternative spellings there are many sites that simply don't appear in any 
of my sources. In the hope that some of my fellow list members can shed 
some light on these sites, I'm posting this list. Ideally I'd like 
latit/longit, but will settle for the nearest major city or landmark (I 
want to put a dot on a map in the approximate region). This may not be of 
much interest to the list in general, so perhaps replies should be made 
Thanks in advance for any help
Graeme Worth

Mongolian locations
Ingenia Khoboor, Nogon Tsav, Mong
Khurilt-Ulan-Bulak, Altai Mts, Mongolia
Red Mesa, Oshih basin, Mongolia
Gurilyn Tsav, Omnogov, S Gobi, Mongolia
Nogon Tsav, Bayakhongor, Mongolia
Alag teeg, Omnogov, Mongolia
Shilt Ula, Mongolia
Tugrigeen Shireh, Omnogov, Mongolia (just N of Bulgan)
Gil'bentu, Mongolia (NW of Daus)
Chouji Cliffs, Mongolia
Dzamyn Khond, Mongolia
Builasutuinh, Mongolia
Amtgai (? Amtgay), ? Dornogov, SE Mongolia
Khamryn-Us, Dornogov, Mongolia