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RE: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions )

Tim Donovan wrote:

> Baby hadrosaurs weren't worthwhile prey for tyrannosaurs. Troodont
> teeth have been found in association with hadrosaur nests, but no 
> tyrannosaur teeth AFAIK.

Yeah, but according to your scenario Mommy and Daddy were targeted by adult
_Tyrannosaur rex_.  What does Mommy Hadrosaur do when a tyrannosaur sees it
sitting atop a nest, or feeding its nestlings? - run, and leave her babies
to their own devices.  

Maybe hatchling hadrosaurs made wonderful prey for hatchling tyrannosaurs.
Maybe adult tyrannosaurs ate baby hadrosaurs as a light snack.  Either way,
adult tyrannosaurs would probably not have shed teeth engaging a hadrosaur

The above scenarios are speculative.  But you see, these scenarios cannot be
refuted, and they offer an alternative to your "concrete" assertions on
tyrannosaur behavior (which can neither be proved nor disproved).

Bottom line: We don't know enough (and probably will *never* know) to
reconstruct the behavior of tyrannosaurs in the type of detail you're

>   But titanosaurs were armored,

Some were; maybe not all titanosaurs were armored, however.

> hadrosaurs were not. Unless an herbivore is gigantic, it should have armor

> or weapons if it attempted to stand its ground.

Again, you do not *know* this.  I'll repeat what I said: large size is a
potential *deterrence* against large predators.  The massive strength of a
hadrosaur fighting for its very survival is enough to *injure* an attacking
tyrannosaur.  An injured tyrannosaur is as good as dead if it can't chase
and bring down prey any more - and you yourself has argued that these guys
were fast predators.  No tyrannosaur would want to risk serious and
debilitating injury.  Much better to target old, young or sick individuals -
those least able to fight back - as Cliff said.

>  What hadrosaur would be foolish enough to fight a predator of 
> comparable size without any obvious weapons?

Ummm.... any hadrosaur that wants to stay alive.  Pretty good incentive, I'd

Tim W.