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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions)

Brett Booth wrote:
> Think of a Border Collie driving a sheep towards a gate. This type
> of hunting is not instinctive, it is learned. If the adults don't do it,
> where are the young going to learn it, even through observation? 

Actually, young sheep dogs pretty much do this instinctively. Even if
you take a young pup and raise it in a suburban back yard, it will still
try to round things up (chickens, children, lawnmowers, vacuum
cleaners...) Of course these dogs have been selectively bred to do so,
but then selective breeding is just a fast-tracked version of natural
selection (where humans determine the selective pressure).

> The adults [tyrannosaurs]
> would have to run all over the place themselves in order to be in the right
> place for the young'uns to drive the prey to, which is a huge waste of
> energy.

Unless they had a system of communication. Or the adults were able to
take advantage of topographic features (game trails, bottle necks, etc).


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