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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions)

on 10/30/02 2:45 PM, Dann Pigdon at dannj@alphalink.com.au wrote:

> Jordan Mallon wrote:
>> I sort of liked that idea myself, until HP Brett Booth (or was it his wife?)
>> brought up an interesting argument a couple of months ago.  Unless chasing
>> prey into the mounths of the larger adults was instinctive, how would the
>> young'uns know how to do this if their parents weren't already fast enough
>> to teach them?  Many hunting behaviours are learned, and in this case, the
>> adult tyrannosaurs would likely have to show their kids the proper
>> technique.
> Easy. They learn it from their older siblings. Tyrannosaurs didn't reach
> full maturity in just one year (not without Proton Energy Pills). If it
> took up to ten years or so for a tyrannosaur to reach full adulthood,
> then very young chicks could have observed their older siblings from
> previous years hunting.

But who taught them? All modern pack animals teach their young how to hunt
in a pack. The main point is that why would you take a juvinile animal, who
will no doubt screw up the hunt and risk loosing a meal and possibly starve.

The juviniles needed to be taught by the most experiance hunters in the pack
and I don't think sub adults fit this bill. Look at modern pack animals if
you have any questions. The young are not allowed to participate in the hunt
until the adults are sure they won't screw it up. So why would they leave
such an important job to the sub adults.