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Re: Mongolian locations

From: David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>
Reply-To: david.marjanovic@gmx.at
To: dinosaur@usc.edu
Subject: Re: Mongolian locations
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 00:23:51 +0100 (MET)

> Thanks in advance for any help
> Graeme Worth

Turns out I can help you a little. Parts of this are certainly of general
so I write this onlist. -- I happen to have (forgot how I got it) the
catalogue of
the exhibition Dinosaures et Mammifères du Désert de Gobi which was shown in
Paris in
1992/3 (and came to Vienna later, without the mammals...). On p. 92f. there
is a big
map of Mongolia in Mongolian with lots of fossil sites from throughout the
Phanerozoic. It's not very detailed, but here goes:

> Mongolian locations
> Ingenia Khoboor, Nogon Tsav, Mong

Nogoon tsav is close to 43 °N and 99 °E, east of it are Nemegt (any Nemegetu
must be
a transcription via Chinese and/or Japanese) and the city of Dalanzadgad.

> Khurilt-Ulan-Bulak, Altai Mts, Mongolia

No idea. Probably ends in -Ulaan bulag, though.

> Red Mesa, Oshih basin, Mongolia

The only dinosaur site on that map that contains ulaan is Alguy-Ulaan tsav,
44 and 46 °N and quite close to 104 °E and right between the pages, so I
can't read
the full name, looks like it isn't even printed awhole. Has yielded
sauropods, it

Mainly putative sauropod eggs.

> Gurilyn Tsav, Omnogov, S Gobi, Mongolia

Not on the map.

What a crummy map! Even DINOSAUR EGGS AND BABIES has a better one. THE AGE OF DINOSAURS IN RUSSIA AND MONGOLIA has some good maps but they're far from the best.

Anyway, I once found a Mongolian government website on the
of... Ömnögov' or whatever you want to make of the diacritic letter at its
Either the Mongolian sound system is remarkably similar to that of Russian
or ~:-| .
The English version of that page calls it Umnugobi ~:-| .

> Nogon Tsav,

Much inferior to other localities in terms of dino remains, except A. remotus.

Bayakhongor, Mongolia

See above... I think. Oh, wait, there's a city called Bayankhongor, but far
away from
Nogoon tsav -- a bit northeast of 46 °N and 100 °E! The closest fossil site,
del, has yielded archaeocyaths and brachiopods. :-)

> Alag teeg, Omnogov, Mongolia

Ought to be between Bayanzag (close to 44 °N and 103 °E) and Bügiyn tsav
(close to 44
°N and 100 °E), according to the little map on p. 29.

> Tugrigeen Shireh, Omnogov, Mongolia (just N of Bulgan)

There's a river Bulgan in the Altay, west of 92 °E. There's a Bayangiyn
shiree, with
ankylosaurs, at 44 °N and what must be 109 °E. And there's a city Bulgan
close to 49
°N and 103 °E, far away from any shown fossil site. :-] -- Probably it's
better to
spell it Tugrigiyn shiree.
        The distorted map on p. 29, not in Mongolian, shows a "Tugrig" between
Bayanzag and Nemegt (which is close to 44 °N and 102 °E).

> Chouji Cliffs, Mongolia

Inner Mongolia maybe? The name looks Chinese...

> Builasutuinh, Mongolia

Is that h an attempt to deal with the diacritic letter mentioned above?

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