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Re: Silesaurus' Age

Posted for Jerry Harris:

In re: the age of the new Polish dinosaur reported on the list:  the site from 
which the specimens came canNOT be Ladinian in age, and where the article's 
cited "230 million year old" age comes from is unknown.  The same site has 
produced the index taxa _Paleorhinus_ (a phytosaur), _Metoposaurus_, and other 
taxa indicative of a Carnian, not Ladinian, age, based on global terrestrial 
tetrapod biostratigraphy.  See:

Dzik, J. 2001. A new _Paleorhinus_ fauna in the Early Late Triassic of Poland. 
 Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 21(3): 625-627.

This message paraphrased from an e-mail from Spencer Lucas. Feel free to pass 
it on to the list.  Looks like we're gonna hafta wait a bit longer for Ladinian 

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