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Sinopterus cladistically

Don't know what else was posted today. I only get the archives the day
after. So forgive me if I repeat anyone's post.

Sinopterus should be judged on more characters than I was able to see
using the low-resolutiion image available on the 'net. But at present it
pops up basal to the Pteranodon/Nyctosaurus clade. Move it over to the
base of the Tapejaridae and it only costs one more step ~ but remember
the resolution problem. It's like working with blurry glasses.

Those long legs are a dsungaripterid character -- the basal stock. The
overbite is interesting. Wish I could see the tail. If those sclerotic
rings(?) are real, they're enormous and hard to believe. All in all, it
looks like a great transitional pterosaur. Pass on the reference when
more is available.

And thanks for the sneak preview!

David Peters