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Re: If not "Raptors," then what?

--- Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguy@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Is there a name for sickle clawed dinosaurs that would include
> _Sinornithosaurus_, _Deinonychus_, and _Velociraptor_, but exclude
> troodontids?  Is "non-troodontid deinonychosaurs" the best we can do?
> And would _Microraptor_ be part of this group?

_Dromaeosauridae_ sensu Sereno (a stem-based clade excluding _Troodon_; I
forget what the internal specifier was, although by draft PhyloCode rules it
should be _Dromaeosaurus albertensis_) would work, and it might also include

There is, however, another definition of _Dromaeosauridae_:
Clade(_Dromaeosaurus_ + _Velociraptor_). This would include _Velociraptor_
(obviously) and _Deinonychus_, but probably not _Sinornithosaurus_.

However, the sickle-clawed trait might be basal to _Eumaniraptora_, seeing as
it's present in both _Deinonychosauria_ (now including _Troodontidae_, it
and at least one basal avialan (_Rahonavis ostromi_).

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