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RE: Tyrannosaur #1 pedal digit and hollow bones

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Subject: RE: Tyrannosaur #1 pedal digit and hollow bones

Tracy Ford (dino.hunter@cox.net) wrote:

<[...] on the back side of MT there is a single 'groove' midway up the
metatarsal (Not the same in T. rex, there's two). I've been told that that
is a muscle attachment area. Ok, if so, then an animal that we know lacks
MT 1 should have it also. I've looked at ornithomimid MT II and they all
lack the groove. So I'm thinking this is were MT 1 sat. Except in T. rex,
which has two grooves. Why I don't know.>

  Possibly to indicate the medial surface of mtI or possibly because the
element could shift position, and change from one orientation to

Yes, I've thought of that, but I should have mentioned that the one 'groove'
is right above the other (or right below depending on if you're a pessimist
or optimist?)

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