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Re: Epidendrosaurus, Systematic Observations pt. 1

"Jaime A. Headden" wrote:
> I have attempted a restoration of the skeleton that (hopefully) improves
> on that provided by the authors, and it is at:
> http://qilong.8m.com/Epidendrosaurus_ningchengensis_skeleton.jpg.

What an interesting critter. I wonder: would the maniraptor wrist be
capable of allowing a quadrupedal gait when on the ground (as in
ring-tailed lemurs)? Or would it have had to move about like a gibbon or
the more arborial of lemur species, ie. in a fairly upright stance with
the arms held out? 

Which ever method was used, it certainly looks like it would have been
uncomfortable spending any amount of time on the ground. I like to
visualise it bounding about like those extremely arborial lemurs (is it
the Indri?), in a kind of hopping ballet in order to get to the next
nearest tree.

Also, would a climbing animal with such long forelimbs have had such a
small chest? I'd have thought such a creature would have been much wider
and deeper in the shoulder region. But then, I try not to think if at
all possible - you can avoid being wrong that way. :)


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