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Stephen & Silvia Czerkas's new book

Here is the information on how to order Stephen and Silvia's new feathered
dinosaur book.

You should be able to reach it at: www.dinosaur-museum.org

The abstracts are included which will give you a bit of a sneak peak.

This is the one with their long digit three juvenile theropod, the former
Archaeoraptor (now a new name and yes the front end is a valid specimen),
the new feathered dromaeosaur that Mark Norell mentioned in Nature a few
months ago, a caudipteryx like theropod, and two papers on pterosaurs (There
maybe another one that I've forgotten).

I don't have my copy yet but will soon. Order yours today at their web site.

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
Poway Ca  92074