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The abstracts for vol 1 of the new Dinosaur Museum 
Journal _Feathered Dinosaurs and the Origin of Flight_ 
include the new name _Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum_. 
This is apparently an omnivorous volant bird with a 
_Caudipteryx_-like skull (hm) from the Upper Jiufutang 
Fm. Skull morphology provides the basis for their idea that 
it was omnivorous.

Also listed are articles on a new crested non-pterodactyloid 
pterosaur (S. A. Czerkas and Ji), a description of what 
would appear to be the avian component of 'Archaeoraptor' 
(S. A. Czerkas and Xu) and a description of the specimen 
that may or may not be _Epidendrosaurus_ (S. A. Czerkas 
and Yuan). I have seen photos of Czerkas' specimen and 
don't recall it looking like the _Epidendrosaurus 
ningchengensis_ holotype.

See.. http://www.dinosaur-

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