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As promised here is a rundown of the speakers and talks for 
this year's SVPCA (I have excluded mammals and non-
tetrapods). This is the 50th SVPCA meeting and it looks 
like it'll be the best thus far. Time permitting (and if no one 
else beats me to it) I'll do a review of the presentations when 
I get back.

_Non-amniote tetrapods_

Ahlberg - _Ventastaga curonica_ and the problem of 
tetrapod phylogeny
Clack/Ahlberg - A new stem tetrapod from the mid-
Carboniferous of N. Ireland
Clarke - The origin of the Anura: morphology, ecology, 
Coates/Klembara/Ruta - The tetrapod _Utegenia spinari_ 
and the amniote stem-group
Herkner - Functional preconditions for evolution of tetrapod 
Loader - Systematics of Scolecomorphidae (Amphibia: 
Milner/Bromley - Branchiosaurs, larve and metamorphosis
Tucker - Late Carboniferous tetrapod ichnofauna of 
Alveley, Salop
Warren/Turner - Australian stem tetrapod
Wilkinson/Gower - The caecilian phallus - a systematic 


Allison - Gorgonopsian from the Late Permian
Butler - Middle Jurassic forerunners of multituberculates
Gill/Clemens - Welsh fissure fauna diversity: how does 
_Kuehneotherium_ fit in?
Kemp - The origin of mammalian endothermy: asking the 
right question?

_Non-diapsid reptiles_

Harris - Boiling down the turtle soup
Micklich et al - Messel turtles with 3D preserved remains in 
the reproductive tract
Signore/Raya/Barbera - New specimens of _Stereosternum 
tumidum_ (Mesosauria)

_Mesozoic Marine Reptiles_

Anderson - Biting off more than they could chew
Cruickshank - New Zealand Plesiosauria
Doyle/Chapman - The re-discovery of a lost holotype: 
_Stenopterygius acutirostris_
Evans - A first look at a new plesiosaur from the 
Forrest - Plesiosaurs: the necks generation
Gomez - A new pliosaur specimen from the Lower 
Cretaceous of Colombia
Wittler/Roth - First Cenomanian ichthyosaur - records from 
NW Germany


Evans - The Early Cretaceous fossil record of lizards
Gower/Ablett - Scale surface ornamentation in some 
burrowing snakes
Rothery - An identity crisis for _Acrosaurus frischmanni_
Ruth - A morphometric analysis of the lizard pelvis
Underwood - A survey of snake retinas, with systematic 

_Crocodile-group archosaurs_

Allen - _Terrestrisuchus_ and synonymy with 
Mueller-Towe - Comparison of Jurassic crocodiles from 


Fastnacht - Thick bones in thin air: dsungaripterids in 
Sangster - A functional interpretation of the hindlimb of 
Signore/De Vita - A new pterosaur from the Lower 
Cretaceous of Italy
Steel - A new pterosaur from the Early Cretaceous of IOW
Unwin/Elvidge - Morphometric, locomotor modules and the 
hindlimbs of pterosaurs
Frey - Pterosaurs - low cost fliers, solar-based

_Dinosaurs general_

Blas - Diversity versus variability in dinosaur eggshells
Chinsamy/Stark - Bone depositional rates of extinct and 
extant dinosaurs
Milner - Proteins in the bones of the dinosaur _Iguanodon_
Naish - Palaeopathologies in _Neovenator_ and other news 
from IOW
Parrish/Stevens - Rib angulation and scapulocoracoid 
position in non-avian dinos
Upchurch/Hunn - An analysis of dinosaur biogeography


Barrett - Diet of the ostrich dinosaurs (Ornithomimosauria)
Dyke et al - A new ornithurine bird from the Maastrichtian 
of Belgium
Griffiths/Mazin/Billon - An interesting theropod trackway 
from Crayssac
Signore - Mantids and dinosaurs: learning to fly?
Waterhouse - A new charadriiform bird from the Eocene 
Green River Fm
Howgate - A close look at pack-hunting dinosaurs


Buffetaut/Suteethorn - _Phuwiangosaurus_ and the 
relationships of nemegtosaurids
Cherry - Bone histology of the primitive dinosaur 
Lee - A morphometric analysis of _Thecodontosaurus_
Stevens/Simmonds - Digital reconstruction of the forleimb 
of a diplodocoid from IOW
Yates - Species taxonomy of the sauropodomorph dinosaurs 
of Germany


Negro - The value of hadrosaurian skin in phylogenetic 
Norman - Craniology and phylogeny of _Heterodontosaurus 
Parish - The evolution and palaeobiology of armoured 

_General stuff of Mesozoic relevance_

Saila/Corfe - Questioning the tetrapod diversity of a 
Jurassic island
Sweetman - The microvertebrate fauna of the Wealden of 
the IOW
Taylor - Hugh Miller 200 years on
Turner - SVPCA historical notes

Ornithischians are clearly losing out in research 
representation, the march of the non-amniotes continues and 
Mesozoic marine reptiles, pterosaurs and saurischians 
certainly seem to be healthily represented.

Darren Naish
School of Earth & Environmental Sciences
University of Portsmouth UK, PO1 3QL

email: darren.naish@port.ac.uk
tel: 023 92846045