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RE: If not "Raptors," then what?

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> Dino Guy Ralph
> Is there a name for sickle clawed dinosaurs that would include
> _Sinornithosaurus_, _Deinonychus_, and _Velociraptor_, but exclude
> troodontids?  Is "non-troodontid deinonychosaurs" the best we can do?

Depending on the particular phylogenetic definition you used, this could
very well be Dromaeosauridae.  (For example, Sereno et al. uses
"Dromaeosaurus and all taxa closer to it than to Neornithes" and, implied at
least, Maryanska et al. use "Dromaeosaurus and all taxa closer to it than to
Troodon and Passer").

> And would _Microraptor_ be part of this group?
Based on the recent analyses of the AMNH folks, yes.

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