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RE: Stephen & Silvia Czerkas's new book

--- "Williams, Tim" <TiJaWi@agron.iastate.edu> wrote:
> Ronald Orenstein wrote:
> > And they're quite something!  Is Czerkas really arguing that
> > dromaeosaurs  are not part of the dinosaur lineage at all, but 
> > descended (along with  birds) from a non-dinosaurian archosaur?  That 
> > Velociraptor isn't even part of the dinosaur clade?
> Sounds like it...
> "This compelling evidence refutes the popular interpretation of birds
> evolving from dinosaurs by revealing that dromaeosaurs were already birds
> and not the non-avian theropod dinosaurs, as previously believed."
> The lengths people will go to in order to find an alternative to the
> dinosaur-bird link.  I've seen more different (and bizarre) positions than
> the Karma Sutra.

Now, wait a sec -- all they said is that they aren't non-avian theropod
dinosaurs. They could still be avian theropod dinosaurs. (Not sure which
version of _Aves_ they use.)

But, if you're right ... eeeee....

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