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UV photography

Dear all,
Thanks for the responses on enantiornithes.
Be patient, I have another question now: I would try to take UV photos of some specimens, but here we cannot afford such expensive UV dedicated lenses as, say, the Micro Nikkor UV.
I have read that it is possible to take UV photos in an economical way using an uncoated lens (like old pre WWII lenses) plus a "black UV transparent filter".I am rather a good photographer, but I never tried UV photography, thus I wonder if anyone used this method, is there some tip I should know? And, does anyone know under which commercial names such UV transparent filters are traded (brand, specs)?
Thanks in advance, and if you feel that my query is uninteresting for other listmembers, please reply offlist at
Any help is greatly appreciated.

                                        Silvio Renesto

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