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It's here...The Czerkas book

Well, what can I say other than it's a must have. X-rays, ultraviolet,
scanning (yea he put some of the slabs on his scanner and scanned them, and
they came out better than photographs!), all per reviewed also so that'll
keep some of you happy.

Two new pterosaurs

Utahdactylus kateae, a fragmentary rhamphorhynchid pterosaur from, well,

The really cool rhamphorhynchoid, with a crest and feathers (They make a
very very interesting argument in regarding the 'hair' as proto-feathers).
Pterorhynchus wellnhoferi (part and counterpart). Daoufgou Village, Chefeng
County, Inner Mongolia, china. Haifangou Formation, middle to late Jurassic.

The bird formerly named Archaeoraptor is now Archaeovolans repatriates. Just
the front half is the new bird.

George already mentioned Scansoriopteryx heilmanni (what a cool and better
specimen than the other one). Oh, yea, it too has filamentous impressions!

Oh, and the flying dromaeosaur and yes those are without a shadow of a doubt
flight feathers (I actually saw the specimens earlier this year and I
couldn't tell anyone about that!). Cryptovolans pauli (Guess who the pauli
is named in honor of :) ).

And lastly Omnivoropteryx sinousaorum a bird with the a Caudipteryx like

This is the first in a line of books and as I said before, well worth the

Tracy L. Ford
P. O. Box 1171
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