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Re: Abelisauroid (was Tyrannosaur) #1 pedal digit

Nick Pharris (NJPharris@aol.com) wrote:

<Interesting.  Opens up the possibility that abelisauroids shared a
(further) reduced pedal digit I:  isn't the pes of _Aucasaurus_ the only
well-known abelisaurid example?  And isn't pedal digit I entirely missing
in _Velocisaurus_?>

  Yes, *V.* lacks any trace of mt I, but I do not think there is any way
to tell if it actually lacking. The first digit is unknown or lacking in
all neoceratosaurs except *Ceratosaurus*. Even the fairly well-known
*Masiakasaurus* lacks evidence of one. Who knows about the condition in
abelisaurids, and the material is unknown or unpublished in
*Majungatholus*. Chatterjee's reconstruction of *Indosuchus* in 1996 is
based largely on ISR specimens described by von Huene and Matley in 1933,
and some additional material has been added, but it includes partial pedal
material that is similarly non-illustrative about first toes.


Jaime A. Headden

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