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T. rex

Seeing that the query/observation that I sent to Darryl and Tracy has sort of leaked onto this list and raised other queries, this is the basics.
Like others, I had MOR 555 as a posterior basicranium from T. rex. I did not have location data for it so checked on the MOR database at their website. On the database MOR 555 is identified as
and MOR 557 is listed as a T. rex basicranium. As no-one that I am aware of has cited MOR 557 as T.rex, I'm trying to ascertain whether the error lies in the MOR database, or whether it is correct and a typo has crept into the literature and been promulgated. Tracy and Darryl both reckon 555 is the correct number, but I haven't yet been able to find out their sources, so in the meantime if anyone else has any definitive info on this, feel free to contribute.
Graeme Worth