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Re: Pronunciation Question

John Conway wrote:

Pteryx = feather (TEH-ricks). Gnathus = jaw (NATH-us). So the letters are supposed to be silent. There was a discussion on the vert. paleo. list a couple of months ago about this, and it was (somewhat) agreed that since our pronunciation of greek/latin is so bad anyway, we should not worry too much about it. Unless, of course, it might result in serious miscommunication.

As most people pronounce the "P" in Archaeopteryx, and the "G" in Compsognathus, miscommunication is unlikely.

I agree. Anyway, for the purists, the "p" is silent, and "gn" in Latin (and Italian too if I'm not mistaken) is like the Spanish "ñ". Quite easy to pronounce in the middle of a word, but in the beginning of a word might be difficult, as in "gnathostomata" unless you're used to it.

Raymond Thaddeus C. Ancog Mines and Geosciences Bureau Philippines